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Ian Gillan born 19 August is an English singer and songwriter. He is the lead singer and lyricist moonshiners e alcolismo the rock band Deep Purple. Initially influenced by Elvis PresleyGillan started and fronted several local bands in the mids, and eventually joined Episode Six when their original singer left. He first found widespread commercial success after joining Deep Purple in He resigned from the band in Junehaving given a lengthy notice period to their managers.

After a short time away from the music business, he resumed his music career with solo bands the Ian Gillan Band and Gillanbefore a year-long stint as the vocalist for Black Sabbath in The following year, Deep Purple reformed and two more successful moonshiners e alcolismo followed before he left in He returned to the group inand has remained its lead singer ever since.

In addition to his main work—performing with Deep Purple and other bands during the s and s—he sang the role of Jesus in the original recording of Andrew Lloyd Webber 's rock opera Jesus Christ Superstarperformed in the charity supergroup Rock Aid Armeniaand engaged in a number of business investments and ventures, including a hotel, a motorcycle manufacturer, and music recording facilities at Kingsway Studios.

More recently, he has performed solo concerts concurrently with his latter career in Deep Purple, and his work and affinity with Armeniacombined with his continued friendship with Tony Iommi since his brief time in Black Sabbath, has led him to form the supergroup WhoCares with Iommi.

His solo career outside of Deep Purple was given a comprehensive overview with the Gillan's Inn box set in Gillan was born on 19 August [1] at Chiswick Maternity Hospital.

His father, Bill, was a storekeeper at a factory in London, [2] who came from GovanMoonshiners e alcolismo and left school at 13, while his mother, Audrey, came from a family where she was the eldest of four children, who all enjoyed music and singing, and whose father had been an opera singer and amateur pianist. Moonshiners e alcolismo sister, Moonshiners e alcolismo, was born moonshiners e alcolismo He grew up moving between council flats before settling in a three-bedroom semi-detached on a council estate in Cranford, Hounslow, [2] he was fond of animals moonshiners e alcolismo his early life, and enjoyed reading the comic strips of Dan Dare.

He was moonshiners e alcolismo by Elvis Presley by hearing his records at home and at the local youth club.

Gillan's first attempt at a band was called Garth Rockett and the Moonshiners, and consisted of himself on vocals and drums, alongside guitarist Chris Aylmerwho later went on to work with Bruce Dickinson.

He soon switched to another local band who also played at Dunstan's Hall, Ronnie and the Hightones, who renamed themselves as the Javelins after he joined.

The Javelins disbanded in Marchwith guitarist Gordon Fairminer leaving to join what eventually became the group Sweet. After the Javelins, Gillan joined a soul band, Wainwright's Gentlemen, which included another future Sweet member, drummer Mick Tucker. During his time with Episode Six, Gillan began writing songs together with Glover, forming an ultimately long-lasting partnership.

By springDeep Purple had had a top 5 US hit with " Moonshiners e alcolismo ", but the band, particularly Ritchie BlackmoreJon Lord and Ian Paicedecided their future lay in hard rockrather than the psychedelic pop sound of the early band. The old line up of Deep Purple continued to do several concerts until the end of the month, whereupon Evans and Simper were both fired by managers Tony Edwards and John Colletta after their last show on 4 July. Unsure of what to do, Gillan found a pair of congas onstage, and decided to play them during these instrumental sections.

Deep Purple Mk. II continued rehearsing at Hanwell Community Centre. Gillan, along with Blackmore, was initially unhappy at having to perform the concerto, moonshiners e alcolismo wrote the lyrics to the second movement on the afternoon of the performance on a napkin in an Italian restaurant.

InGillan received a call from Tim Riceasking him to perform the part of Jesus on the original album recording of Jesus Christ Superstarhaving been impressed with his performance on "Child in Time". After rehearsing a few times with Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webberhe recorded his entire vocal contributions in three hours. The producers declined, instead casting Ted Neeley in the Jesus role, and Gillan continued on in the band. Aftermoonshiners e alcolismo after the release of FireballGillan started to become disillusioned with the workload of the band, who had not had any holiday since their initial rehearsals at Hanwell.

He started drinking, and relationships between him and the rest of the band became strained, particularly with Blackmore. On 6 Novemberhe collapsed with hepatitis while waiting to board a moonshiners e alcolismo in Chicago, cancelling the remainder of a US tour.

Unlike some band members, he was unhappy about Made in Japanand disliked live albums in general. While on tour in Dayton, Ohiohe sat down and wrote a resignation letter to the band's managers, stating he intended to leave the band, effective from 30 June After his departure from Deep Purple, Gillan retired from performing to pursue various unsuccessful business ventures. A second was the Mantis Motor Cycles project, which suffered from the collapse of the British motorcycle industry in the mids, culminating in Gillan being forced to file for liquidation.

Gillan then formed a new band, simply called Gillanretaining Towns who would co-write most of the materialand adding guitarist Steve Byrd, bassist John McCoy and drummer Pete Barnacle. Universe in October saw Ian Gillan back in the UK charts, although the independent record company moonshiners e alcolismo album came out on — Acrobat Records — folded soon moonshiners e alcolismo the album was released, prompting a contract with Richard Branson 's Virgin Records.

In ChristmasGillan was visited by Blackmore, who offered him the position of lead vocalist in Rainbow. Gillan declined due to the smaller workload the band had compared to his own.

However, the pair did jam together for three nights at Marquee Club — the first time the two men had shared a stage since Gillan continued, releasing Glory Road inwhich resulted in the band making the first of several appearances on Top of the Pops. Gers appeared on the band's next two albums, Double Trouble and Magic.

InIan Gillan announced the band would fold, as he needed to rest his damaged vocal cords. Although the band had reservations, on 6 Aprilit was formally announced that Gillan had replaced Ronnie James Dio in Sabbath. Ward recalled that he "didn't particularly like some of the lyrics that Ian was bringing forward and putting into the songs. Not because Ian doesn't write good lyrics or anything like that; I think Ian is an moonshiners e alcolismo performer, great singer, and often at times I think his lyrics can be quite brilliant.

But I just have a personal difference in what I like to hear in the way of lyrics, and so I felt terribly disconnected. Citing health problems, Ward decided not to accompany the others during the subsequent tourand was replaced by Bev Bevan. Gillan was required to learn Sabbath's old repertoire, but had difficulty remembering the words.

His solution moonshiners e alcolismo to write the moonshiners e alcolismo on a perspex folder and put it on the stage floor, turning the pages moonshiners e alcolismo his feet.

Unfortunately, dry ice on stage made it impossible to moonshiners e alcolismo the words, resulting in the audience catching glimpses of him peering over the microphone to sing a few lines, then disappearing below the dry ice to read the next set. I can't feel the spirit of the band. This was followed by the live album Nobody's Perfect in The live album also featured a studio re-recording of the hit "Hush" with Gillan on vocals, to commemorate Deep Purple's 20th anniversary.

The original release had been sung by Rod Evans. Gillan later remarked that the album was "the embodiment of all the things wrong with Purple. In contrast to his experiences with Deep Purple in the s, Gillan felt frustrated moonshiners e alcolismo the band were no longer working enough. To fulfill his contract with Virgin, [60] he formed a side project with Glover, writing and recording songs which didn't fit Purple's established hard rock style, [61] which resulted in the moonshiners e alcolismo Accidentally on Purpose.

Bytensions between Gillan and Blackmore had resurfaced, due to the former's greater enthusiasm for moonshiners e alcolismo and differences over the music — the song "Mitzi Dupree" on The House of Blue Light is the original demo as Blackmore refused to re-record it. The band toured regularly throughand recorded the album Naked Thunder. He continued to tour with his solo band, albeit with several line-up changes throughout Europe, the US and Russia.

Gillan was unhappy with working on the album, as it had already been partially completed with Joe Lynn Turner, and he was only required to write replacement lyrics and vocal melodies, which, unsurprisingly, drew criticism from Blackmore.

Gillan and Blackmore subsequently repaired their relationship with each other. He was keen to make changes to the moonshiners e alcolismo set immediately, adding the then-seldom played " Maybe I'm a Leo " named after Gillan's birth sign and " When moonshiners e alcolismo Blind Man Cries " — the latter becoming a mainstay in the band's setlist ever since.

He said that their first album with Morse, Purpendicular"was a such important record for Deep Purple that without that [other records] couldn't have been possible. Gillan pays particular interest to the lyrics in Deep Purple, and considers it his prime composing role within the band. Discussing the importance of lyrics, he said "Words have to sound good.

They have to sound like an instrument, they have to have the right percussive value. I haven't ever had any ambition in my life. I just drift from day to day with a stupid grin on my face. Though Gillan has kept touring with Deep Purple regularly sincehe has found time to commit to other projects. The project, produced by Nick Blagona, includes a re-recorded selection of his Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and solo tracks.

Gillan performed moonshiners e alcolismo vocals in the song Eternity from the video game Blue Moonshiners e alcolismocomposed by Nobuo Uematsu. White Men Dancingreleased in late The DVD has 6 hours of footage including documentaries and music clips.

This was followed in February by a double live album on Edel RecordsLive in Anaheim that features Gillan and Deep Purple classic songs and several rarities.

A companion DVD was released in May He released a studio album entitled One Eye to Morocco in March In the s, Gillan performed occasionally with orchestras in Europe, including rearrangements of Deep Purple songs. Gillan has expressed particular fondness for Armenia and has maintained popularity moonshiners e alcolismo since Rock Aid Armenia inwhich has led to him forming the supergroup WhoCares as a side-project to Deep Purple.

At a press conference in Yerevan on 27 March, Gillan said he considers Armenia his spiritual motherland. This is for the benefit of the music school to be built in GyumriArmenia — a project Ian Gillan has been working on with others since his solo concerts in Yerevan.

On the flight back from Armenia inafter each receiving the Armenian Presidential medal of Moonshiners e alcolismo, Gillan and Iommi decided to form moonshiners e alcolismo side project WhoCares for ad hoc recordings and possible performances dedicated to raising money for specific causes. Chopin's Story is about the rise of the composer and documents his Polish years. The film has won several international awards, including the Best Documentary award at Tourfilm International Festival in Florianopolis, Brazil.

It was aired on the Polish channel Discovery Historia on 21 June It was subsequently released on DVD. Since his debut Deep Purple studio album, Gillan has consistently layered his own backing vocals to provide harmonies, particularly on song choruses. Gillan was in a relationship with Zoe Dean from to They had known each other since his time in Episode Six. They have twice since renewed their marriage vows.

Gillan is a passionate football fan, supporting Queens Park Rangers. He is also a big fan of moonshiners e alcolismo. His surname is sometimes misspelled as "Gillian". Grover 'n' Mr Gillian". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the Scottish-born Australian football coach, see Ian Gillan football coach.