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Its capital is the city of Petrozavodsk. Its population in wasInit was once again an autonomous republic and remains as a part of Russia after the dissolution of Karelia e alcolismo Soviet Union in The republic is in the northwestern part of Russia, between the White and Baltic Seas. The main bodies of water next to Karelia are the White Sea an inlet of the Barents Sea to the north-east and Lake Onega and Lake Ladoga both shared with neighboring Oblasts to the south.

As a part of the Fennoscandian Shield 's ancient Karelian cratonmost of the Republic of Karelia's surficial geology is Archaean or Paleoproterozoicdated up to 3. This area is the largest contiguous Archaean outcrop in Europe and one of the largest in the world. Since deglaciationthe rate of post-glacial rebound in the Republic of Karelia has varied.

Since Karelia e alcolismo White Sea connected to the World's oceans uplift along the southern coast of Kandalaksha Gulf has totaled 90 m. Prior to the Atlantic period uplift rate had decreased to 5—5. There are about 27, rivers in Karelia. There are 60, Karelia e alcolismo in Karelia. Other lakes include:. The lakes Ladoga and Onega are located Karelia e alcolismo the south of the Karelia e alcolismo. The mature and over-mature tree stock amounts to Fifty useful minerals are found in Karelia, located in more than deposits and ore-bearing layers.

Natural resources of the republic include iron orediamondsvanadiummolybdenumand others. The Republic of Karelia is located in the Atlantic continental climate zone. Historically, Karelia was a region to the northwest Karelia e alcolismo Russia, east of present-day Finlandcontrolled by the Novgorod Republic. From the 13th century and onwards, various parts were conquered by Swedenand incorporated into Swedish Karelia Karelia e alcolismo they were lost to Russia by the Treaty of Nystad in Inthe province became the Karelian Labour Commune.

Its status was changed back to an ASSR in During the Continuation War inFinland occupied large parts of the area but was forced to withdraw in Though Finland is not currently pursuing any measures to reclaim Karelian lands Karelia e alcolismo to Russia, the " Karelian Question " remains a topic present in Finnish politics. The autonomous Republic of Karelia in its present form was formed on 13 November The highest executive authority in the Republic of Karelia is the Head of the Republic.

The parliament of the Republic of Karelia e alcolismo is the Legislative Assembly comprising fifty deputies elected for a four-year term. According to the Census, [8] ethnic Russians make up Other groups include Belarusians 3.

Currently Russian is the only official language of the republic. KarelianVepsand Finnish are officially recognized languages of the republic sinceand their survival is promoted.

Thereafter there were suggestions to raise Karelian as the second official language, but they were repeatedly turned down. The Karelians have traditionally been Russian Orthodox. Lutheranism was brought to the area by the Finnish immigrants during Sweden's conquest of Karelia and was common in regions that then belonged to Finland.

Some Lutheran parishes remain in Karelia. Karelia's gross regional product GRP in was Industrial activity in Karelia is dominated by the forest and wood processing sector. Timber logging is carried out by a large number of small enterprises whereas pulp and paper production is concentrated in five large enterprises, which produce about a quarter of Russia's total output of paper. The latter figure includes pulp-and-paper Production and distribution of electricity, natural gas and water made up PetersburgMoscowthe center of Russia and with Finland.

The railroad crosses Petrozavodsk, Kondopoga. Karelia has a relatively well-developed network of transport infrastructure. Water communications connect Karelia with the BarentsBalticBlackand Caspian Seas through the system of rivers, lakes, and canals.

Regular airline service connects Petrozavodsk with Joensuu and Helsinki in Finland. Many of Karelia's companies have Karelia e alcolismo investments from Finland. Karelia is sometimes called "the songlands" in the Finnish culture, as Karelian poems constitute most of the Karelo-Finnish epic Kalevala.

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