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Suicide among Native Americans in the United States, both attempted and completed, is more prevalent than in any other racial or ethnic group in the United States. David Lester calls attention to the existence and importance of theories of suicide developed by indigenous peoples themselves, and notes that they boligol ad alcolismo challenge traditional Western theories of suicide.

David Lester calls attention to the existence and importance of theories of boligol ad alcolismo developed by indigenous peoples themselves. In the Northern Plains tribe, links included low self-esteem and depressive symptoms. In the Pueblo tribe, links included the suicide of a friend in the past 6 months, lower perceived social support, and depressive symptoms. Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among AIANs ages 15—24, and the 3rd among ages 5—14 and 25— People ages 15—24 were less likely to warn anyone, but when they did, it was most likely a friend.

AIANs resemble other boligol ad alcolismo and ethnic groups in that suicide rates tend to be higher in men than in women. Eight of the nine had attempted for the first time boligol ad alcolismo the only time as adolescents. Seven of the nine were physically or sexually abused before their suicide attempt, and five of these seven had been abused as children. Half of all 30 women reported a history of depression, and half reported a history of alcohol or substance abuse.

A report by Berman compiling findings about the environments and suicides of young Alaska Native men shows that suicide rates among young Alaska Native men are twice as high in small rural communities than in urban areas, though rates within the rural communities are heterogeneous.

However, there was no significant difference in lifetime attempted suicide between the urban- and reservation-reared populations. Urban youth suicide was associated with history of physical abuse, attempt or completion by a friend, and family history of suicide. The commitment of a full-time staff worker was another key factor in this program's success.

A report by Garroutte found that among 1, Northern Boligol ad alcolismo tribal members, cultural spiritual orientation was associated with less suicide attempts after controlling for age, gender, education, psychological distress, and alcohol use. An American Nurses Association review of boligol ad alcolismo perspectives on suicide prevention boligol ad alcolismo Gary expresses that whereas Western mental health care focuses on individualized counseling, diagnosis, and prescription as a response to internalized depression, insecurity, or aggression, Native American cultural concepts emphasize external factors such as lack of harmony with nature.

Since alcohol misuse is the most prominent risk factor and a common precipitating factor in the general population, and even more so in AIANs, the use of prohibitionary or regulatory policies has been discussed as a potential solution. Research has provided clues as to differences in the nature of suicide boligol ad alcolismo suicide prevention among different sectors of the AIAN population.

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