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Environmental challenges point to new opportunities that, thanks alcolismo in manifesti to Italian manufacturing traditions, are within our country's grasp: the circular economy is one of the most exciting and promising of these opportunities.

Italy — poor in natural resources — has always striven to make more efficient, intelligent and innovative use of materials, from scrap metal in Brescia to rags in Prato and waste paper in Lucca, implementing what today we call the circular economy.

Thanks to these virtuous traditions and our nation's flair for turning limitations into opportunities, we are one of the most advanced countries in both the green and the circular economies.

Eurostat data on major European countries shows that Italy is the nation with the highest level of circular materials secondary raw materials used by the manufacturing system: almost a fifth of the total With We are second after Germany Siamo secondi dopo la Germania 59,2 milioni alcolismo in manifesti tonnellate per riciclo industriale con 48,5 milioni di tonnellate di rifiuti non pericolosi alcolismo in manifesti a riciclo meglio di Francia, 29,9 Mt, Regno Unito, 29,9 Mt, Spagna 27 Mt.

What we set out to show in this volume is a side of Italy — made up of companies, research centres and non-profit organisations — which is often little-known, but which has allowed the country alcolismo in manifesti enjoy such success by embracing the circular economy, in many cases ahead of regulation, which tends to trail behind alcolismo in manifesti in society and the economy. These results alcolismo in manifesti be attributed to a virtuous synergy between innovation by companies, research and training by universities and the promotion of a new manufacturing model by business associations and consortia.

The subjects featured in the following pages just a taste of those that actually exist allow us to piece together a profile of the vast array of products "made in Italy"; products synonymous with beauty and quality, but also innovation and sustainability. More in line with the UN's sustainable development goals. The greater efficiency that characterises most of the subjects surveyed translates into lower production costs for Italy, not to mention reduced dependence on other countries for resources, as well as greater competitiveness and innovation, including in the technologies of Industry 4.

All sectors and supply chains are involved, from agriculture and clothing to design and mechanical engineering with the design of machine tools increasingly oriented at efficiency and materials recovery, another area in which we lead the world from chemicals to home furnishings.

From products made from a great variety of waste materials old mooring posts from alcolismo in manifesti Venice lagoon, citrus fruit pulp, plastic bottlesalcolismo in manifesti the regeneration of household appliances, the reuse of clothing perhaps offering those in need a fresh opportunity or to the production of bioplastics.

And what's new is that the circular economy — whereby one company's waste materials become another's raw materials — fosters close ties between the various supply chains, changing the nature of their relationships: it creates new opportunities for that collaborative capacity which, as our manufacturing districts clearly show, forms part of the DNA of our entire production system.

The circular economy renews and enriches our natural flair for design. Questi soggetti solo un assaggio di alcolismo in manifesti effettivamente in campo ci permettono di ricostruire un alcolismo in manifesti del made in Italy fatto di bellezza e qualità ma anche di innovazione e sostenibilità.

The crucial theme of design for prolonging the life of products, for reuse and recycling, and alcolismo in manifesti of secondary raw materials which form the heart of the circular economy not only offer efficiencies and synergies between supply chains, but also new opportunities for the Italian resourcefulness and creativity, as the cross-section of circular Italian manufacturing in the following pages clearly shows.

We are talking about new processes, new products, new skills that universities are creating and introducing on the market for companies to use. Alcolismo in manifesti the circular economy, spanning many different fronts, offers new lifeblood for the green economy and Italian manufacturing. The one hundred paragons of excellence you will read about in the book describe a country which, despite many problems and delays, is leading the way when it comes to crucial issues such alcolismo in manifesti environmental sustainability, management of precious resources and climate change.

Today's environmental challenges call for research, innovation, technologies, know-how, training: ultimately, the overall competitiveness of our entire "country system". They tell of a model of economy and society that is more sustainable, more competitive and fairer, that could represent the Italian response to the burning issues posed for the Planet by the present and the future. Francesco Starace. Sfide ambientali che chiamano in causa ricerca, innovazione, tecnologie, competenze, formazione: in ultima analisi la competitività complessiva di un sistema Paese.

In the ongoing debate alcolismo in manifesti possible development models, the potential of what is known as the circular economy is becoming increasingly clear: a sharp change of paradigm compared to the current dominant model of production and consumption. In a world with finite resources the linear approach to production — involving the use of raw materials to produce goods which afterwards turn into waste — is proving to be unsustainable. It is clear that the progressive erosion of resources is one of the inherent inefficiencies of alcolismo in manifesti current development model.

Demographic forecasts and ongoing improvement of lifestyles combine to generate an exponential acceleration of these phenomena This approach alcolismo in manifesti in line with the Agenda drawn up by the United Nations regarding sustainable development. The Agenda is a path that must be constructed through the cooperation between Citizens, Institutions international, national and localCompanies, Organizations and Associations, with the aim of creating an ecosystem favourable to its implementation and to expanding its range of alcolismo in manifesti.

Le previsioni demografiche e il miglioramento degli stili di vita rappresentano un fattore di accelerazione alcolismo in manifesti di tali fenomeni, tanto da spingere negli ultimi anni lo studio di modelli produttivi complessivamente più sostenibili sia sotto il profilo economico che ambientale.

Modelli ispirati dal funzionamento della natura, quindi circolari, alcolismo in manifesti cui i prodotti potranno essere riparati, riusati e riciclati per ridurre alcolismo in manifesti ricorso a nuove risorse. On the institutional front, the European Commission began alcolismo in manifesti important legislative process with the publication of its Circular Economy Package in Several of its subsequent activities have focused on stimulating the transition of the European economy towards a circular system, also in order to trigger competitiveness, sustainable economic growth and the creation of new jobs.

But what exactly is a circular economy? Recent economic studies tend to articulate the concept of circular economy through five main pillars, which represent possible drivers for implementing it. The first pillar - sustainable input - refers to using renewable materials and energy as much and as often as possible or, when this is not viable, to using resources derived from reuse and recycling: renewable energy production plants or bioplastics are good examples.

The second pillar - extension alcolismo in manifesti useful product life - especially concerns businesses focused on eco-design, modular product design and the use of maintenance methods intended to extend operative lifespans, e. The third pillar - sharing - involves the use of platforms, most of them digital, that enable shared access to products by multiple users: models that make it possible to share one's own goods a house, a car, etc. Finally, the fifth pillar - end-of-life valorisation - involves minimising wasted material at the end of product life, applying an approach focused on reuse, regeneration and recycling.

The implementation of these pillars, and the consequent transition towards a circular model, can play an important role in contributing to the goals set by the Paris Agreement on climate change, favouring the transition to an economy that increasingly reduces its exploitation of non-renewable resources.

Gradually, diffusion of the circular approach will enable more and more companies to free themselves from dependence on costly virgin resources, while also increasing resilience and competitiveness: this will favour their strategic adoption of sustainable business and the creation of shared value for society.

The stories told in this book demonstrate how the principles alcolismo in manifesti the circular economy generate innovation at all levels: in Companies, Start-ups, Foundations, Research Centres, Universities, Consortia and Associations Il quarto pilastro - product as a service prodotto come servizio — si riferisce a soluzioni di business in cui il cliente compra il servizio associato ad un certo prodotto es.

Through these stories, one can see clearly that change is underway for increasingly integrated technologies and supply chains which exchange materials and energy. Attraverso la narrazione, si rende evidente come sia già in atto un cambiamento nelle tecnologie e nelle filiere sempre più interconnesse tra loro per scambiare materia ed energia, un processo che renderà complessivamente il sistema più sostenibile e allo stesso tempo le imprese più alcolismo in manifesti sul mercato.

Bringing health benefits to the body with natural products that return to nature after use, without leaving behind a single trace of unnatural substances in either the human body or the environment.

That is the mission of Aboca: a company based on the philosophy of circularity. ABOCA A leader in Italy and worldwide for health and wellbeing products made from medicinal herbs, launched near Arezzo in thanks to the intuition of Valentino Mercati, inspired by the deep connection between human and environmental health. Mercati understood that innovation can spring from combining the legacy of a millenary history with the potential offered by new scientific and technological discoveries.

In addition, Aboca reuses all alcolismo in manifesti and wastewater produced: either as fertiliser or for animal feed. Dà vita ad una filiera produttiva totalmente verticalizzata, dalla produzione della materia prima grazie a coltivazioni esclusivamente biologiche fino alla verifica degli effetti farmacologici e clinici dei prodotti: 1. Alisea makes this value tangible by putting waste-producing companies in contact with those who have waste-using ideas.

Many companies entrust Alisea with the manufacture of personalised merchandising made of recycled materials, reinterpreted in unique ways by Italian designers and artisans.

Founded inthe company based in the Province of Vicenza makes objects out of industrial waste and sorted waste. An example? The packaging that comes with it is its ID card, because it highlights the origin of the raw material employed. Alisea rende tangibile questo valore mettendo in comunicazione chi produce scarti con chi ha idee su come utilizzarli. Pur prendendo forme diverse, questi oggetti serbano memoria della loro prima identità. Water is the most circular of all natural resources but when it becomes polluted during its cycle, its potential for reuse — and therefore its vocation for circularity — is seriously compromised.

In aiming to address a problem that is causing permanent damage to the environment, Amethyst has created an innovative solution for purifying wastewater, inspired by nature.

This system is especially useful for winemaking companies which generate large amounts of wastewater, particularly during the grape-harvesting period. Inthe company based in Alba Alcolismo in manifestiafter launching WIDE Wine Designa joint project with Pininfarina for the design of eco-sustainable wine cellars, joined with other parties to launch the WISE Association Wide Innovation for Sustainable Environmentwhich works to spread the culture of ecosustainability and circularity in the agro-industry.

Questo sistema è particolarmente indicato per le cantine vitivinicole che hanno necessità, in particolare durante la vendemmia, di smaltire grandi quantità di reflui. Tra i clienti di Amethyst figurano cantine come Antinori, Banfi e Planeta. You write polyamide 6, you say nylon. Aquafil has built its extraordinary success on this alcolismo in manifesti, which revolutionised fashion from the midth century onwards: over half a century it has become a global leader in nylon production, with 15 manufacturing bases in eight different countries producing synthetic yarn for use in clothing, furnishing and automotive contexts.

Si scrive poliammide 6, si legge nylon. The arrival of a baby is always a game changer. When David Erba and Eleonora Dellera had their first child, they also had an idea, which then turned into a business. Babies grow quickly, and they grow out of their clothes quickly alcolismo in manifesti, often leaving their almost new garments hanging unused in wardrobes, while their parents buy more clothes.

InDavid and Eleonora opened the first Armadio Verde store in Milan: a place where clothes were neither bought nor sold A sharing system that helped everyone and which soon established itself online Anyone may take part in this exchange system, alcolismo in manifesti their almost new clothing to be evaluated.

If the clothes sent in are not approved for exchange — roughly alcolismo in manifesti day — they are donated by Armadio Verde to non-profit organisations which assist children in difficulty. Nel David ed Alcolismo in manifesti aprono il primo negozio Armadio Verde a Milano, un luogo alcolismo in manifesti i vestiti non si comprano e non si vendono: si scambiano.

Una condivisione che fa bene a tutti e che ben presto approda online dove oggi sono disponibili alcolismo in manifesti A second life for home appliances and for people. Astelav has been distributing spare parts for domestic appliances since Founded by Giorgio Bertolino, Astelav has become one of the main European distributors of spare parts for household appliances. With an inventory of 25, different items in a 7, alcolismo in manifesti warehouse, Astelav ships around orders a day in Italy and to 75 countries worldwide.

Together with Sermig Youth Missionary Service of TurinAstelav alcolismo in manifesti its experience in spare parts to refurbish discarded large domestic appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators and ovens that would otherwise become WEEE waste destined for landfill. Una seconda vita per gli elettrodomestici e per le persone. Astelav dal distribuisce ricambi per elettrodomestici.

Fondata da Giorgio Bertolino, Astelav è diventata uno dei principali attori europei per la diffusione dei ricambi per elettrodomestici. Con Insieme al Sermig Servizio Missionario Giovani di Torino Astelav, forte della sua esperienza nei ricambi, rigenera grandi elettrodomestici come lavatrici, lavastoviglie, frigoriferi e forni, che una volta dismessi diventerebbero rifiuti RAEE destinati alle discariche.

This Social Promotion Association, founded in by Francesca Padovani, works to valorise and highlight the work of people who transform products destined for oblivion into furniture and art objects. These are dismantled, studied, redesigned as furniture, furnishing or games, and reassembled or reworked to become Avanguardia brand objects. However, there is more than alcolismo in manifesti kind of recovery involved here: these objects are constructed by people sentenced to alternative punishment, youths who are unemployed or putting alcoholism or drug addiction behind them.

Matter becomes poetry within a project that reconstructs lives as well as objects. Quella materia diventa poesia nel momento in cui incontra una progettualità che ricostruisce vite, oltre che alcolismo in manifesti. Emilia Romagna is a gastronomic paradise Here agronomic and food research projects experiment with new ways of innovating the supply chain whilst also making it more sustainable.

Amongst other things, this includes the valorisation of by-products from the wine production chain, used to create bioplastic materials for the food industry and new eco-sustainable materials for the building industry, plus energy and biochar fertiliser from the gasification of pruned plants and trees. Swarms of these insects transform agricultural and alimentary waste into high valueadded products proteins, fats and chitin which can serve various high-quality industrial and compost purposes.

The proteins are useful above all for creating completely biodegradable bioplastics for agricultural use. Qui si fa ricerca agronomica e alimentare, sperimentando nuovi modi di innovare la filiera, rendendola anche più sostenibile.