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He became widely known for his unique singing style and for his lyrics, which featured social and political commentary in often humorous street jargon. He was also a prominent stage and screen actor. Though his work was largely ignored by the official Soviet cultural establishment, he achieved remarkable fame during his lifetime, and to this day exerts significant influence on many of Russia's popular musicians and actors years after his death.

Vladimir Vysotsky was born in Moscow at the 3rd Meshchanskaya St. He was Jewish. When Vladimir was 10 months old, Nina had to return to her office in the Transcript bureau of the Soviet Ministry of Geodesy and Cartography engaged in making German maps available for the Soviet military so as to help her husband earn their family's living. Vladimir's theatrical inclinations became obvious at an early age, and were supported by his paternal alcolismo di Vladimir di Vysotsky Dora Bronshteyn, a theater fan.

The boy used to recite poems, standing on a chair and "flinging hair backwards, like a real poet," often using in his public speeches expressions he could hardly have heard at home. Once, at the age of two, when alcolismo di Vladimir di Vysotsky had tired of the family's guests' poetry requests, he, according to his mother, sat himself under the New-year tree with a frustrated air about him and sighed: "You silly tossers!

Give a child some respite! Nina and Vladimir were evacuated to the village of Vorontsovka, in Orenburg Oblast alcolismo di Vladimir di Vysotsky the boy had to spend six days a week in a kindergarten and his mother worked for twelve hours a day in a chemical alcolismo di Vladimir di Vysotsky.

In DecemberVysotsky's parents divorced. Vladimir came to stay with me in Januaryand my second wife, Yevgenia, became Vladimir's second mother for many years to come. They had much in common and liked each other, which made me really happy," Semyon Alcolismo di Vladimir di Vysotsky later remembered.

But my mother admired theater and from the earliest age And all of this, it probably stayed with me," he later reminisced. In Vladimir re-settled into his mother's new home at 1st Meshchanskaya, In June of the same year he graduated from school with five A's.

InVladimir enrolled into the Moscow State University of Civil Engineeringbut dropped out after just one semester to pursue an acting career. It was there that he met the 3rd course student Iza Zhukova who four years later became his wife; soon the two lovers settled at the 1st Meschanskaya flat, in a common room, shielded off by a folding screen.

It was also in the Studio that Vysotsky met Bulat Okudzhava for the first time, an already popular underground bard. He was even more impressed by his Russian literature alcolismo di Vladimir di Vysotsky Andrey Sinyavsky who along with his wife often invited students to his home to stage improvised disputes and concerts. On 20 JuneVysotsky graduated from the MAT theater institute and joined the Moscow Pushkin Drama Theatre led by Boris Ravenskikh at the time where he spent with intervals almost three troubled years.

These were marred alcolismo di Vladimir di Vysotsky numerous administrative sanctions, due to "lack of discipline" and occasional drunken sprees which were a reaction, mainly, to the lack of serious roles and his inability to realise his artistic potential. Vysotsky's second and third films, Dima Gorin's Career and "" Requests Permission to Landwere interesting only for the fact that in both he had to be beaten up in the first case by Aleksandr Demyanenko.

In Junewhile shooting Penalty Kick directed by Veniamin Dorman and starring Mikhail Alcolismo di Vladimir di VysotskyVysotsky used the Gorky Film Studio to record an hour-long reel-to-reel cassette of his own songs; copies of it quickly spread and the author's name became known in Moscow and elsewhere although many of these songs were often being referred to as either "traditional" or "anonymous".

Alcolismo di Vladimir di Vysotsky October Vysotsky recorded in chronological order 48 of his own songs, his first self-made Complete works of Won't you listen?

I agreed to listen to just one of them, expecting our meeting to last for no more than five minutes. Instead I ended up listening to him for an entire 1. As veteran screenwriter Nikolay Erdman put it in alcolismo di Vladimir di Vysotsky with Lyubimov"Professionally, I can well understand how Mayakovsky or Seryozha Yesenin were doing it. How Volodya Vysotsky does it is totally beyond me. After the second of the two concerts at alcolismo di Vladimir di Vysotsky Leningrad Molecular Physics institute that was his actual debut as a solo musical performer Vysotsky left a note for his fans in a journal which ended with words: "Now that you've heard all these songs, please, don't you make a mistake of mixing me with my characters, I am not like them at all.

With love, Vysotsky, 20 AprilXX c. By the time his breakthrough came inhe'd suffered several physical breakdowns and once was sent by Taganka's boss to a rehabilitation clinic, a visit he on several occasions repeated since. Brecht's Life of Galileo premiered on 17 Maytransformed by Lyubimov into a powerful allegory of Soviet intelligentsia's set of moral and intellectual dilemmas, brought Vysotsky his first leading theater role along with some fitness lessons: he had to perform numerous acrobatic tricks on stage.

Press reaction was mixed, some reviewers disliked the actor's overt emotionalism, but it was for the first time ever that Vysotsky's name appeared in Soviet papers. Stanislav Govorukhin and Boris Durov 's The Verticala mountain climbing drama, starring Vysotsky as Volodya the radiomanbrought him all-round recognition and fame.

Several weeks after the premiere, infuriated by the actor's increasing unreliability triggered by worsening drinking problems, Lyubimov fired him — only to let him back again several months later and thus begin the humiliating sacked-then-pardoned routine which continued for years. Two of Vysotsky's films, Gennady Poloka's Intervention premiered in May [37] where he was cast as Brodsky, a dodgy even if highly artistic character, and Yevgeny Karelov's Alcolismo di Vladimir di Vysotsky Comrades Were Serving a gun-toting White Army officer Brusentsov who in the course of the film shoots his friend, his horse, Oleg Yankovsky 's good guy character and, finally himself [38] — were severely censored, first of them shelved for twenty years.

It was at this point that 'proper' love songs started to appear in Vysotsky's repertoire, documenting the beginning of his passionate love affair with Alcolismo di Vladimir di Vysotsky actress Marina Vlady. In Vysotsky starred in two films: The Master of Taiga where he played a villainous Siberian timber-floating brigadier, [41] and more entertaining Dangerous Tour. Inafter visiting the dislodged Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev at his dacha and having a lengthy conversation with him, [43] Vysotsky embarked on a massive and by Soviet standards dangerously commercial concert alcolismo di Vladimir di Vysotsky in Soviet Central Asia [44] and then brought Marina Vlady to director Viktor Turov's place so as to investigate her Belarusian roots.

The pair finally wed on 1 December causing furore among the Moscow alcolismo di Vladimir di Vysotsky and political elite and spent a honeymoon in Georgia. By this time he has been suffering alcolismo di Vladimir di Vysotsky alcoholism. Many of his songs from this period deal, either directly or metaphorically, with alcoholism and insanity. Partially recovered due to the encouraging presence of Marina VladiVysotsky embarked on a successful Ukrainian concert tour and wrote a cluster of new songs.

On 29 November Taganka's Hamlet premiered, a groundbreaking Lyubimov's production with Vysotsky in the leading alcolismo di Vladimir di Vysotsky, that of a lone intellectual rebel, rising to fight the cruel state machine. Also in Vysotsky was invited to play the lead in The Sannikov Landthe screen adaptation of Vladimir Obruchev 's science fiction, [47] which he wrote several songs for, but was suddenly dropped for the reason of his face "being too scandalously recognisable" as a alcolismo di Vladimir di Vysotsky official put it.

In April Vysotsky visited Poland and France. Alcolismo di Vladimir di Vysotsky problems concerning the official permission were sorted after the French Communist Party leader Georges Marchais made a personal phone alcolismo di Vladimir di Vysotsky to Leonid Brezhnev who, according to Marina Vlady's memoirs, rather sympathized with the stellar couple.

Having found on return a potentially dangerous lawsuit brought against him concerning some unsanctioned concerts in Siberia the year beforeVysotsky wrote a defiant letter to the Minister of Culture Pyotr Demichev. As a result, he was granted the status of a philharmonic artist, Still the rubles fine had to be paid according to the court verdict, which was a substantial sum, considering his monthly salary at the theater was rubles. This meant he was not an "anti-Soviet scum" now, rather an unlikely link between the official Soviet cinema elite and the "progressive-thinking artists of the West.

McKinley This was the height of his popularity, when, as described in Vlady's book about her husband, walking down the street on a summer night, one could hear Vysotsky's recognizable voice coming literally from every open window.

In Vysotsky made his third trip to France where he rather riskily visited his former tutor and now a celebrated dissident emigre Andrey Sinyavsky. Artist Mikhail Shemyakinhis new Paris friend or a "bottle-sharer", in Vladi's termsrecorded Vysotsky in his home studio.

Back in Moscow, there were changes at Taganka: Lyubimov went to Milan 's La Scala on a contract and Anatoly Efros has been brought in, a director of radically different approach. His project, Chekhov's The Cherry Orchardcaused a sensation. Critics praised Alla Demidova as Ranevskaya and Vladimir Vysotsky as Lopakhin powerful interplay, some describing it as one of the most dazzling in the history of the Soviet theater.

On return Lyubimov made a move which many thought outrageous: declaring himself "unable to work with this Mr. Vysotsky anymore" he gave the role of Hamlet to Valery Zolotukhinthe latter's best friend. That was the time, reportedly, when stressed out Vysotsky started taking amphetamines. Another Belorussian voyage completed, Marina and Vladimir went for France and from there without any official permission given, or asked for flew to the North America.

In a televised one-hour interview with Dan Rather he stressed he was "not a dissident, just an artist, who's never had any intentions to leave his country where people loved him and his songs. In Vysotsky's health deteriorated heart, kidneys, liver failures, jaw infection and nervous breakdown to such an extent that in April he found himself in Moscow clinic's reanimation center in the state of physical and mental collapse.

In Vysotsky made an unlikely appearance in New York City on the American television show 60 Minutes[63] which falsely stated that Vysotsky had spent time in the Soviet prison system, the Gulag.

That year saw the release of three Vysotsky's LPs in France including the one that has been recorded by RCA in Canada the previous year ; arranged and accompanied by guitarist Kostya Kazansky, the singer for the first time ever enjoyed the relatively sophisticated musical background. The film premiered on 11 November on the Soviet Central TV presented Vysotsky as Zheglov, a ruthless and charismatic cop teaching his milder partner Sharapov actor Vladimir Konkin his art of crime-solving.

In November Vysotsky took part in the underground censorship-defying literary project Metropolisinspired and organized by Vasily Aksenov. In January Vysotsky again visited America with highly successful series of concerts. That was the point according to biographer Vladimir Novikov when a glimpse of new, clean life of a respectable international actor and performer all but made Vysotsky seriously reconsider his priorities.

Just a man who in every possible situation would try to provide drugs. And he did provide. In such moments Volodya trusted him totally," Oksana Afanasyeva, Vysotsky's Moscow girlfriend who was near him for most of the last year of his life and, on occasion, herself served as a drug courier remembered.

In January Vysotsky asked Lyubimov for a year's leave. Still, of nearly poems by Vysotsky only one has been published in the Soviet Union while he was alive. In Maybeing in a practice studio of the MSU Faculty of JournalismVysotsky recorded a video letter to American alcolismo di Vladimir di Vysotsky and film producer Warren Beattylooking for both a personal meeting with Beatty and an opportunity to get a role in Reds film, to be produced and directed by the latter.

While recording, Vysotsky made a few attempts to speak English, trying to overcome the language barrier. This video letter never reached Beatty.

It was broadcast for the first time more than three decades later, on the night of 24 January local time by Rossiya 1 channel, along with records of TV channels of Italy, Mexico, Poland, USA and from private collections, in Vladimir Vysotsky. What proved to be an exhausting affair his concentration lacking, he had to plod through several takes for each song was premiered on the Soviet TV eight years later. His performances were often erratic. Yet he kept writing, mostly poetry and even prose, but songs as well.

Although several theories of the ultimate cause of the singer's death persist to this day, given what is now known about cardiovascular alcolismo di Vladimir di Vysotskyit seems likely that by the time of his death Vysotsky had an advanced coronary condition brought about by years of tobacco, alcohol and drug abuse, as well as his grueling work schedule and the stress of the constant harassment by the government.

Towards the alcolismo di Vladimir di Vysotsky, most of Vysotsky's closest friends had become aware of the ominous signs and were convinced that his demise was only a matter of time. Clear evidence of this can be seen in a video ostensibly shot by the Japanese NHK channel only months before Vysotsky's death, where he appears visibly unwell, breathing heavily and slurring his speech.

Vysotsky suffered from alcoholism for most of his life. Sometime aroundhe started using amphetamines and other prescription narcotics in an attempt to counteract the debilitating hangovers and eventually to rid himself of alcohol addiction.

While these attempts were partially successful, he ended up trading alcoholism for a severe drug dependency that was fast spiralling out of control. He was reduced to begging some of his close friends in the medical profession for supplies of drugs, often using his acting skills to collapse in a medical office and imitate alcolismo di Vladimir di Vysotsky seizure or some other condition requiring a painkiller injection.

On 25 July alcolismo di Vladimir di Vysotsky year to the day before his death he suffered a cardiac arrest and was clinically dead for several minutes during a concert tour of Soviet Uzbekistanafter injecting himself with a wrong kind of painkiller he had previously obtained from a dentist's office. Fully aware of the dangers of his condition, Vysotsky made several attempts to cure himself of his addiction.

He underwent an experimental and ultimately discredited blood purification procedure offered by a leading drug rehabilitation specialist in Moscow. He also went to an isolated retreat in France with his alcolismo di Vladimir di Vysotsky Marina in the spring of as a way of forcefully depriving himself of any access to drugs. After these attempts failed, Vysotsky returned to Moscow to find his life in an increasingly stressful state of disarray. He had been a defendant in two criminal trials, one for a car wreck he had caused some months earlier, and one for an alleged conspiracy to sell unauthorized concert tickets he eventually received a suspended sentence and a probation in the first case, and the charges in the second were dismissed, although several of his co-defendants were found guilty.